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Printing involves many skills - one of them is to estimate jobs precisely. As an offset printer you have to accept different printing jobs from clients. An error in your quote will directly affect the over-all offset printing profits. You have to calculate your printing cost correctly on paper to optimize printing profits.   Introducing PrintFastQ print estimating software, an ultimate press-aware print estimating software for offset printing. Ideally suited for sheet-fed offset, web offset and digital press. Feed in the job details and Voila! You have an estimate and a quote ready.


PrintFastQ print estimating software, an ultimate tool for estimator, helps compute print estimates for any offset printing job accurately. Quotations for client can be generated directly from PrintFastQ and sent to client.


PrintFastQ takes into consideration the all the press parameters to give you the final job estimate.   PrintFastQ provides you the power to work. The moment the client asks you for a specific job estimate, you have it printed on paper, in a few seconds. With this software your offset printing business is ready for the much-desired boost.   PrintFastQ print estimating software is the ultimate software for all your offset printing needs backed with the right after-sales services. Do not offset business profits, use PrintFastQ.


The PrintFastQ Advantages
Intuitive and most powerful estimation software, can be used with bare-basic computer knowledge
Computes complex estimates instantly for offset jobs like leaflets, booklets, folders, calendars, diaries, visual aids, etc.
Generates consistent and accurate estimates for jobs on the spot
Calculates precise special paper size requirement by creating optimum signatures
Generates graphical view of layout
Plans your job on sheet-fed offset, web offset or digital press
a Auto suggestion of work and turn possibilities
a Calculates plates automatically
a Create as many alternatives of estimate as your customer wants
a Compare at a glance differences between various alternatives of a single estimate
a Tracks status of estimates made in a very intuitive manner
a Can print multi-currency client quotations directly
Generate Job Tickets directly for any estimate

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