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Print WORKFLOW. Print Workflow Management Software, providing production capture and monitoring facility.
With, Print WorkFLOW in place, you will never have to chase your employees/ departments for executing the jobs. Print WORKFLOW shows them all on their respective screens/terminals what jobs they have to do, when they have to do and when they have to finish.
Print WORKFLOW is fully equipped to run on touch screen terminals. Therefore, it can easily capture the start and end of a job by simply touching one button.
Management Information Reports like job status, and the processes which the jobs have yet to undergo are available to the management at a single press of a button.
Moreover, Management Information is made available on smartphones, tabs, email, etc.
This means you have a complete eye over your press, where ever you go.
The PrintWorkFlow Advantages
Capture all print and post-press operations, which have been estimated for the job. Capture information every moment, or hourly or as needed.
Job wise data capture in real-time
Capture of print in progress, and all post press operations form wise
Issues of materials to each of the running jobs
Shows production currently in progress with details of each process
Know your operator performance, machine performance
Know costs of the job based on operator/employee usage, process and machine usage

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