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PrintInTime, the ultimate tool for Scheduling of print jobs.
Now you can visually schedule print jobs in the most simple and intitutive way.
PrintInTime automatically schedules your jobs as and when the jobs are selected.
You may then view in a graphical format the process of each job on a time line. One can easily drag and drop the processes based on your job priority to get the job completed in a specified time.
PrintInTime automatically re-schedules and re-arranges all the jobs accordingly based on the user changes.
PrintInTime connects directly to Print WorkFlow, and updates all the productions terminals with the scheduled or re-scheduled processes with the timings.
PrintInTime is a MUST for Large Organizations.
The PrintInTime Advantages
Glance, and schedule your jobs, pre press, press and post press
Know the loading of each press
Schedule jobs based on the priority
Schedule post-press operations
Department wise glance of jobs to be done
View jobcards while scheduling

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