pentaforce PrePress Scheduler (PPS)

PrePress Scheduler, the ultimate Product for Pre-Press Automation, with Automatic Scheduling and Production Capture.
Design Manager can interact with the system, and system will reschedule the jobs.
Manager Platemaking can also interact with the system for platemaking, and system will reschedule jobs based on commited deliveries.
Provision for proofing is provided, whereby if there is rework to be done on the job, system will place that job for designer in the workflow.
Die-master of each client can be maintained in case of flexo plates, which will retrieve information of ups across and around with bleed and rider mark and cylinder for repeat jobs.
PrePress Scheduler Advantages
Capture job details, now no need for physical copies of job tickets
System automatically decides which operator the jobs should be allocated
System calculates and indicates when you can deliver the jobs
System makes Scheduling automatically, based on priority rules and indicates which jobs would be done in time, and which will be delayed
Fully automated workflow, increases efficiency, eliminates time lapse, and keeps you in time with the commitments
View jobcards while scheduling

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