Print Wonder ERP is a FUSION of printing ERP and packaging ERP

Print Wonder ERP provides you with a fully integrated ERP solution for estimating of printing and packaging jobs, PrintFASTQ - a very powerful yet simple tool for Print estimators to make estimates of leaflets, booklets, magazines, calendars, diaries, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, flexo labels, generates ciient quotations, Print MIS, sales order management, job dockets, job sheets/job cards, Print STOCK, - Stock management, Print Scheduler - print production scheduling,and Print Workflow - Workflow with production capture and monitoring.
Print Wonder is powered by PrintDMS - Document management to retrieve all your physical documents like orders placed by clients, amendments to orders, correspondence with clients, press-ready files (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In-design, CorelDraw, PDF or any other formats). Enhance and optimize the performance of press with cutting-edge Print WONDER ERP, a complete ERP solution, printing ERP and packaging ERP for printing and packaging industry.
With over a decade of experience, Pentaforce Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been developing and deploying software in the printing and packaging industry. Streamline your bussiness operations, hence increasing profitablity.
Pentaforce's PrintWONDER ERP
:: PrintFASTQ - estimating of commercial printing , packaging and flexo products
:: PrintMIS – Orders management, delivery notes, invoicing, with Financial Management Integration to famous accounting software Tally
:: Print SCHEDULAR - Production Planning / Scheduling
:: Print WORKFLOW - workflow with production capture and monitoring
:: Print STOCK - Stocks and Purchases Management with forecasting
:: PrintDMS - Document Management integration in PrintMIS and Print STOCK
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